2019 brings the announcement of 3 New Awards


The Women in Roofing Awards are intended to recognise exceptional individuals and are open to everyone.


Proud to Promote Award 
For activities to raise the profile of the roofing industry
Diversity champion 
For going above and beyond to help individuals or groups under-represented in roofing
Most inspiring Employee

For someone who has led an initiative which has made business change for example regarding the wellbeing of teams, encouraged recruitment or inspired others in their business to achieve more.



We continue our Awards honouring two people who made a significant contribution to the Roofing Industry.



In both cases they ran businesses, were responsible for teams, business management, quality and training across their companies.


Ellie Coulter

Business Excellence Award

Maureen Johnson

Rising Star Award


Purpose of the Award:

To honour a member of the roofing industry who champions the pursuit of excellence and whose exemplary achievement, excellence of practice, and true leadership have inspired and reflected honour upon the industry to the highest degree.


Award Criteria:

Criteria valuable for award consideration to include:

  • Any individual who works within the roofing industry for a manufacturer, merchant, contractor or training group
  • Demonstration of exceptional personal qualities and leadership abilities, such as integrity, the ability to work with diverse groups, a record of motivating or mentoring other and exemplifying the values and ethics of a distinguished leader in their organisation and field of work
  • Significant professional contributions such as:
    • Industry involvement beyond the focus of employment responsibilities
    • Exemplary achievement in accomplishing a major task or project


Purpose of the Award:

To recognise and reward impressive accomplishments and results seen in the first five years’ experience working within the roofing industry.


To be given to an individual whose record reflects ongoing and exceptional growth and increased levels of leadership and responsibility.


The award will be given to an individual who has undertaken an appropriate training programme and whose achievements reflect a strong potential for continued growth within the industry.


Award Criteria:

  • Under 25 and been working in the roofing industry for 5 of less years
  • Is, or has been, an Apprentice/Trainee/Management programme participant
  • Can evidence development and growth within an organisation
  • Has exceeded the expectations of their employment responsibilities