Maureen Johnson was one of the first members of Women in Roofing.   Her knowlege, enthusiasm and good humour were inspirational.

Despite major health issues Maureen was active in the industry and in her community, a recognisable figure known as The Roofing Fairy Godmother.


Quote from Metus Women (Networking Group)


Maureen Johnson quite literally lit up a room with her Networking pitch, so this week we have some suggestions to keep you remembered long after the meeting is over.


Maureen was the ‘Roofing Fairy Godmother’ and as part of her pitch would have a wand that shot a small spark. It made her stand out, and put a smile on your face. Those new to the meeting would also sometimes get a little jump when it went with a bang. Either way, it was done with good humour, theatrical flair and a certain fairy grace – perhaps a good sum up of Maureen herself



Business Woman

Maureen formed Weatherproof Roofing Contractors in February 1979 and developed the company which delivered a range of roofing services to local authorities, housing associations, commercial, public sector and private client.   As Managing Partner Maureen was responsible for the running of the business, including contracting and staff development.

Our Friend

Roz Richardson, a friend, fellow member of Women in Roofing and the Instiute of Roofing attended Maureen's farewell and recalls this tribute


‘warrior woman, a breath-taking mosaic of the battles she’d won’