Meet the WinR Team


In 2017 Women in Roofing became a Limited Company with four directors.   Each of the team have different skills, knowledge and specialisms so it was agreed that WinRs would operate without the restrictions of fixed roles with each person stepping up as the role or task required.





Denise Cherry


Denise has worked in the Roofing Industry for more than 10 years, she has experience working directly with roofing companies, training providers, colleges and she specialises in Training and Development.



Livia Williams


Livia has spent most of her working life in the roofing industry, in contracting, training management and with professional and trade organisations.


Lynn Street


Lynn has been in the roofing industry for almost 20 years. Working for a major roof tile manufacturer and roofing accessory manufacturer before moving over to distribution she has expe rience with all aspects of the roofing business `from specification, supply and contracting.


Kate Whatley

Kate is one of the founders of SPV Group and has held the position of Financial Director at  SPV Group for the last 11 years. She has overall responsibility for all financial aspects of the business as well as sales, marketing, training, human resources and business development.